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Why Choose Us?

Posted on 16 January, 2018 at 14:25

Welcome to our brand new Blog! 
I have fought off writing a Blog for a little while now, not because I don't have anything to say, more that sometimes I have too much to say. However, after last year's wedding season, I feel that we have too much to shout about to put it off any longer! So here goes...

After a wonderful first wedding season in 2016 we accelerated progress just a little, jumping from the five weddings we hosted in 2016 to NINETEEN weddings in 2017. I am aware that compared to some more traditional venues that host weddings all year round, have several weddings a week or sometimes even several per day, (urgh!) this doesn't seem that many, however, for a venue that is dictated to a little by the seasons, that insists that couples don't share their day with anyone else and also believes that weddings can be spread over a few days, it's a pretty impressive feat. All those weddings were fabulous, from start to finish, and we're so grateful that those couples chose our venues for their day, here's a few reasons why YOU should choose us too.

1. We only host one wedding per week at each venue, this means that it's all about you as a couple and at any given time the only people on site will either be a member of staff or somebody that you know. 

2. Due to this, it means that you can have access to the venue up to four days before your wedding day. There's no rushing around the day before or morning of your wedding. You can begin setting up and styling the venue, bringing your  ideas to life. (Reason no.3 we have no strict rules on decorating, as long as we can get it down again, you can put it up or set it out, so hang that chandelier, throw flowers EVERYWHERE, do YOUR thing!)

4. We only host a limited amount of weddings per year and whilst this can sometimes be frustrating in terms of availability, it does also mean that you're one of a few, our wedding days are not a carbon copy of hundreds of others, they're unique and personal.

We love unique. From dinosaur ring bearers to viking re-enactments, from dance offs to silent discos. We LOVE it all!

5. Our weddings are the epitome of 'your wedding, your way', you decide the day, the time, the running of the day and all the bits inbetween. Don't fancy a first dance? Then don't have one. Want a ten tier cake hanging from a tree? Then have one. Only want the people there that you actually like? Then do just that. Everything is changeable, we are as flexible as possible and we actively encourage you to do things 'your way.' 

6. You're free to spend more time on wonderfully fun ideas because our weddings are stress free. Things can and do go wrong when wedding planning, especially when thinking outside the box with an outdoor wedding day; furniture doesn't show up, caterers are late, suppliers are of poor quality. These are all the things you'd have to worry about IF you didn't come to us, but having us dealing with all that is included in the price.

7. We reduce the stress for ourselves in some of these areas by using suppliers that we know and love. It isn't (and never has been) about the cost, the suppliers we choose to work with are excellent at what they do, they always provide a high standard of service and they never let us down. This is just one reason why we don't allow couples to use their own marquee supplier for example, if we don't know that comapny or we have never worked with them before, then we cannot possibly guarantee the high standard of wedding day that we want to. We wouldn't risk our reputation and most definitely wouldn't risk your day.

Speaking of costs, it's pretty common knowledge that weddings are expensive and it's true, they are (I know that someone always knows someone, who's friend's auntie got married for £500 and it was 'theee BEST day' but realistically it rarely happens that way!) However, this doesn't mean that you can't spend wisely. 

8. We are open and honest about all of our costs, they're right here on this website, our packages start at £3495 (for a completely bespoke day!!) up to £12,650 (I know that's a lot of money) but there are TWENTY price options in between those prices, so that you can pick the right one that suits your day and budget. 

9. Once you've chosen the right venue package for you, there are no sky high prices on top of this, our most expensive in-house caterer is £18.50pp and our largest drinks package is £24.50pp - and that's any five drinks per guest by the way.

10. There are no hidden costs, you pay the price that you see on our price guide, meaning that you're in full control all the way through your wedding planning and we don't require the balance paying until four weeks before your day.  

Wedding days at either of our venues are relaxed, fun, celebrations of love. There is little to no formality and no expectation for you to be anything other than yourselves. We run a well organised team who all have a desire to say 'Yes!', it is often commented on that we have a refreshing attitude within the wedding industry.

11. Included in the price is your dedicated wedding planner, always on the end of an email to help with any questions, to make recommendations and to give advice wherever needed. You also get Damien at your disposal; from building video booths to making chandeliers light up the woodland, he can bring any idea to life for you. 

12. Feedback from our couples ranges from 'the best day of our lives,' 'everything was absolutely perfect' to 'it felt like it had been organised by our best friends.' Every wedding day has been amazing and comments from couples, families and friends reiterates this. (Check back next week for our next Blog sharing all our feedback!)

Still not convinced? 

13. We were shortlisted for 'Best Countryside Venue in Yorkshire' in The Wedding Industry Awards.

14. We have been nominated for 'Independent Business of the Year' in the Yorkshire Choice Awards.

15. We are regularly featured on wedding blogs and in wedding magazines, including being named in the top SIX 'Boho Venues' in the country (in the COUNTRY!)

16. Suppliers love us! We have had more than one couple that have received discounts from their photographer or even a free videographer included because they'd love to come shoot a wedding here.

We'd love to meet you, viewings are encouraged, we are taking bookings up to 2020 and the fact that we are filling up dates so quickly means we're doing something right ;-) 

Phew! That's it, I hope you find that helpful...

Thanks for reading, 

Nicola x

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